“I must admit that it is sometimes hard to venture out on a wet and windy Tuesday morning to strip off, don a bathing suit, and slip into the waters of the ‘little’ pool for Simone’s aqua aerobics class. But then, she’s here, the music starts and we’re off! With limbs flailing, water splashing, bingo wings wobbling, I am encouraged to jump higher, higher, faster, faster…….will my heart cope?....am I still breathing?.... will I last till half past ten?.........and then, too soon, it’s over for another week.”


“Simone and her enthusiastic regime have helped reduce my high blood pressure, strengthen my bone density, ward off type 2 diabetes, and generally improved many health issues for me and my ‘class mates’. Although it hasn’t done much for my bingo wings (!), there’s no doubt that I feel so much fitter, and it’s lovely to be with friends and have a good laugh as well – which, of course is the best tonic there is.”


“Pilates is that great combination of something that is good for you but is also fun. I don’t think I have ever been to a class where we didn’t laugh. I think it helps me in several ways including general fitness, improved muscle tone and mobility, good posture and balance. It makes you more aware of your body and gives you confidence. We are very fortunate in having highly skilled instructors who monitor and encourage us as individuals during each class.”


“I was lucky enough to be assigned to the Friday class with Simone (also free for the over sixties). Pilates was quite new to me when I started, and is more challenging than would at first appear. No huffing and puffing (as experienced in the swimming pool!) is involved and anyone peering through the window might wonder at such seemingly easy-peasy exercise, but new-felt aches and pains the next day belie this….”


“The benefits are many, both physical and mental. There is such a lot to do at once in Pilates, and I’ve no idea how Simone can reel them all off the way she does. “Shoulders down, heart up, peach under the chin, tummy in, bottom on a bar stool” etc etc! Carrying out these instructions, however, is another matter. It’s all to improve our core and our balance, (which is still ‘a work in progress’ for me), but when mastered will help me to avoid falls and fractures which can alter one’s life for ever.”


“My sister and I would like to say how much we enjoy our MMM Class. As we are both retired it keeps us from getting stiff now that we don’t do as much exercise as we used to. I am sure the rest of the class will say much of the same.”

SB & GB, 2018MMM Classes

“The MMM classes are low impact aerobic exercises. It also targets flexibility, toning and co-ordinations. An excellent way to keep fit.”

AB & JS, 2018MMM Classes

“Marie – Just a few words to say MMM has helped me with a fractured shoulder and with the osteoporosis. Thank you for being such a good instructor.”

HB, 2018MMM Classes

“These classes have had a very positive impact on my overall well-being. My balance, strength and co-ordination have improved. A most enjoyable and beneficial class.”

AB, 2017MMM Classes

“I have been going to exercise class for the past two years and find it’s a big help. I look forward to going every week.”

JB, 2017MMM Classes

“Since joining the MMM group, I feel that it has benefitted me, by improving my balance and loosened my joints in both legs and arms. I also feel the social aspect of the class has helped my well-being.”

IW, 2017MMM Classes

“Since I have been attending the exercise class MMM group, I have found my joints are feeling much freer and my balance is much better”

AB, 2017MMM Classes

“My MMM classes benefit me in a way that I improve my movement, joints, flexibility and co-ordination. I feel much better since I started doing my exercises and I always try to never miss a class.”

CS, 2017MMM Classes

“I am so grateful to Simone and to everyone on the GSLP/PAMAAOA for making it possible to enjoy and learn in both the Swimming and the Pilates.”


“We have found to gain flexibility, lessened pain on our bones and very privileged to have such a lovely person guiding us.”

AB, AM, PF, DL, LC – 2018MMM Classes

“With my 80th birthday almost upon me, I have received questions about my attending PAAMOA classes 3 times a week. Passing these to my Doctor I received the response that ‘activity is good for you so long as you know your limits and remain capable and comfortable doing it’. I am satisfied that I am, so I will continue to attend Pilates, Aqua Aerobic and MMM classes for as long as I can.”

KCJ – 2018

“Looking at myself in a full length mirror confirms I may NOT be a ‘pretty sight’ but I .......I know that my posture is better than it was....... I also know that the extended use of muscles and limbs in general from all parts of my body is now giving me much more ‘looseness’ and an easing of day to day chores or routine actions like walking.”

KCJ – 2018