As our classes are suspended at the moment due to the Coronavirus crisis we have arranged for some of our instructors to provide classes for members online. Please see the information below which describes the classes, days and times. You may be asked a few questions about your general health before you can join. Keep moving and enjoy!

Marie’s MMM online class for the wider community

PAAMOA Beginners MMM offer low impact exercise with music, coordination skills and easy muscle strengthening training for your balance and memory training.

The exercise class is for those over 60 and have had the all clear from your GP to exercise. Please look for the Facebook group ‘PAAMOA – Beginner’s MMM Wed 11.00’ and ask to join.

Stay Fit with Arianna

Cardio, tone up, chair exercises and stretch and relax.
Every Tuesday at 10am and Friday at 11am Live.        

Look for Facebook group ‘Aerobics Tuesday’ and ask to join.

Healthy and Happy with Justine

  • Mondays at 10am chair exercises
  • Tuesdays at 2pm low impact aerobics
  • Thursdays at 10am chair exercises
  • Fridays at 2pm low impact aerobics

If you want to remain fit, healthy and active and, most importantly happy, join us!   Classes consist of low impact aerobics and chair sitting exercises. If you are active and want to maintain routine, these exercises are just what you need.

Look for  Facebook group ‘Healthy and Happy with Justine’ and ask to join.

Simone’s Functional Classes

Offering exercise that help improve everyday movements like walking, standing up from a chair, getting up and down from the floor and reaching for or lifting items. They are specifically designed to respect how your body is meant to move. You will need a mat, towel or carpet to lie on.

If you have been exercising before lockdown please look at the main Facebook group ‘PAAMOA mat at home’ and ask to join. Live classes on Fridays at 10am.

If you do have a specific physical issue, or have aches and pains or are recovering from a surgical procedure, but have been given the all clear to exercise from your GP, look for the Facebook group ‘Beginners with Simone’ and ask to join. There you will find a series of videos teaching you the basics required to advance to the main group with a video each week.

If you are unable to get up and down from the floor and need a chair for support, please look for the Facebook group ‘PAAMOA chair at home’ and ask to join.

You will need a sturdy chair, preferably without arm rests and a straight back rest. Live class on Fridays at 10.30am.

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