Starts Monday 2nd October 2023,
Finishes June 2024
(term time only)





11.00am. to 11.45am

Circuit Training – Karon Mifsud at MUGA, Bayside Sports Complex

04.00pm. to 04.45pm

Yogalates – Michelle Turner at the Boathouse, Bayside Sports Complex

What  is Circuit Training?

We set up a circuit/circle which has 8-10 exercise stations to work different muscle groups with each station having a different exercise. You can work at your own pace, the exercises can be done at an easy, medium and hard level. You won’t be bored when you do Circuit Training. The workout tones and strengthens your muscles at the same time and gets your heart rate up.

To give an equal opportunity to all members wanting to join a class, whenever there is a waiting list for any class, we will need to apply stricter rules. After two unexplained absences your name may be struck off the class list. If at the end of the term you have attended less than half of the classes in total your name may be struck off the class list. If you know that you will be absent, for five or more consecutive weeks (for whatever reason), you should discuss this with your instructor. You may be asked to give up your space to the next person on the waiting list and you will be placed on the top of that waiting list and will be given priority once a new space becomes available.

It is vital when you attend a class you are feeling well enough to participate in the exercises, as all classes are attended at your own risk.

What is Yogalates?

A mix of core strength work, flexibility and breathing to ensure your body and mind are working as one. Feel your muscles becoming stronger. Not just the stronger muscles getting stronger, but feel the smaller muscles working to help keep your body in good posture, when you are standing, sitting, walking, running or dancing. A mix of standing and floor exercises, conducted in a controlled manner to give your body the chance to feel which muscles are doing what. Finishing with relaxation and a little bit of mindfulness, a few minutes just for you.