PAAMOA is a totally non-profit making registered charitable association founded and based in Gibraltar.

Our classes are so our older citizens, including frail adults, can engage in managed physical activities in a safe environment. These classes are designed to have a positive impact on their mobility, health and independent living.

As our members range from 55 to 95 years old, it is extremely important to PAAMOA that our exercise instructors understand how to adapt exercises which are appropriate for our seniors, together with understanding the inherent health issues that affect people as they get older.

PAAMOA currently has over 700 members to whom we provide these services. The membership is free for those over 60’s and only requires a health screening form to be completed, to ensure our instructors are aware of any health issues, prior to people taking exercise.

PAAMOA is constantly looking for new therapeutic ways which have synergy with our ethos, to support our seniors in the community, thus extending our exercise programmes.

Pilates classes introduced in 2013

In 2011 members requested Pilates classes as a natural extension to complement existing exercises.

After research and securing funding, in 2012 Simone and Alison spent six weeks of home study, followed by six intensive long weekends in the UK studying anatomy, physiology, the nervous system, circulatory system and the aging process.

After successfully completing this professional qualification, two Pilates classes started in February 2013 and we have now increased this to seven a week.