What is PAAMOA?

We are a totally non-profit making registered charitable association founded and based in Gibraltar.

It is run by volunteers and an unpaid committee of 10 PAAMOA members. We organise and provide various aqua and land-based exercise classes so that our older citizens, including frail adults, can engage in managed physical activities in a safe environment. These classes are designed to have a positive impact on their mobility, health and independent living. They are run by fully qualified instructors who are constantly refreshing and upgrading their skills to provide a varied range of activities.

As our members range from 55 to 95 years old, it is extremely important to PAAMOA that our exercise instructors understand how to adapt exercises which are appropriate for our seniors, together with understanding the inherent health issues that affect people as they get older.

PAAMOA currently has over 700 members, of which over 500 are active members, to whom we provide these services. The membership is free for those over 60’s and only requires a health screening form to be completed, to ensure our instructors are aware of any health issues, prior to people taking exercise.

PAAMOA is constantly looking for new therapeutic ways which have synergy with our ethos, to support our seniors in the community, thus extending our exercise programmes. To maintain these services and benefits to the community we are wholly dependent on financial grants, donations and sponsorships. For this we are extremely grateful to the Gibraltar Government and to GBC who have generously supported us.

“Empowering volunteers and charities to work in partnership and taking ownership is the best way to achieve objectives and meet some of the massive needs within the health and social sector”. Michelle Turner, Manager of Sports Development Unit, GSLA.”

Many of our members who do not actively take part in our weekly classes look forward to our social events. We organise a Christmas party each year with dinner, music and lots of dancing. We also organise a Spring outing each year to Spain where we have a whole day of meeting, exchanging views, walking in the countryside and enjoying the fabulous hospitality of Venta El Frenazo in Los Barrios, We have had over 100 members attending at times. It is an extremely enjoyable day out and one which many of the membership anticipate. Our social events promote community spirit, friendship and, for many, help to combat loneliness.

“The PAAMOA social events and classes give us all the much needed opportunity to meet friends and old colleagues, some of whom would not venture out of their homes without such encouragement”. Paddy Canepa, Member and Volunteer of PAAMOA.”